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Looking beyond appearances

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

I am helping another organziation, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who mostly rescues Pittbulls and Pitt mixes. They are sadly still very much misunderstood and abused. So many end up euthanized in shelters, it is so appalling. They are gentle giants when properly trained and loved.

This organization steps up and also saves many dogs with severe injuries, so of course, the vet bills add up quickly. If you want to support them, please go to www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org

New pack member

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

It happened, although we did not see it coming… We helped a foster family who intended to adopt. He was a puppy mill rescue senior who needed rehab, scared of everything and everyone, of course not house trained or leash trained, they were really struggling. After a week with us, he started letting his guard down, although we knew the road was going to be long. We discovered he loved going to the dog parks and he started to trust us more. Our amazing pack was of course of great help!

After a few weeks, despite his progress, they realized it was a lot to handle and their schedule did not allow them to give him enough time to continue the training. So we kept fostering him. Then the organization decided he should go to a sanctuary, it lingered, and he was up for adoption again until they decided what to do with him… It had been two months, he had settled with us and frankly, we thought he deserved more than going from one place to another without ever feeling safety of a family. And well, there weren’t many people interested, being a senior with behavioral issues…

So we adopted him! He still needs time to be more balanced, but at least he feels at home. Funny fact is, he was amongst the very first dogs I photographed in the city!

More adoptables!

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

Helping another wonderful organization, Pupstarz Rescue, who saves many dogs ans cats from shelters and often brings them from another state to NYC. I have met so many different four-legged, whether it was right after their transport, at an event or for a mini photo session with their fosters, when they haven’t received any interest for a while and help boost their profile, it is always such a rewarding adventure!

Please always consider adopting, it saves lives. To learn more about them, please visit www.pupstarzrescue.org


Stephanie Graf-Vocat

After a much deserved break from rescue - although I still have a handful with our little pack - I finally decided to offer my help to rescue organizations in the big apple. For now, I’ll mostly take pictures to help the dogs and cats get adopted.

True North Rescue Mission is an organization who saves dogs coming from puppy mills for the most part, a mission close to my heart as I always focused on abused and neglected dogs, many seniors and special needs, coming from similar situations. These pictures were taken right when several dogs from Missouri arrived, still quite pertubed by this whole new adventure, yet not aware that heir future was gonna be much brighter.

Please take a look at their website and support them if you can, either by a donation or by responsibly adopting: www.truenorthrescue.org

Tough year with the rescues

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

This year has been a rollercoaster with our organization. Very few ups and sadly many downs: little support, few donations, disappointing collaborations, decreasing health of several rescues despite our efforts of providing the best care and environment, and deaths... We knew this was not always going to be easy, but when everything comes at the same time, it takes a lot of energy to stay positive. 

Don't shop, adopt!

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

With the holiday season, it is necessary to remind you that you don't buy a pet! And surely not as a gift for Christmas!

Deciding to get a pet should be well thought out, because it is out of the question to let him/her down at the least trouble. A pet counts on you to love him/her, care for him/her, educate him/her, provide him/her with everything he/she needs to be happy. And until his/her last breath.

If you buy, you contribute to the animal traffic. Those you find at pet shops too often come from crooked breeders and puppy mills, ads hide more than dubious individuals. Behind all this, abuse, neglect and cupidity!

If you adopt, you save lives and above all, you make a pet who hasn't had any luck more than happy! This is priceless.

Be responsible, don't shop, adopt and especially assume!

A dog is not an object you give as a gift!

A dog is not an object you give as a gift!

Chichi Factory Rescue ~ November 2012

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

A month cold and wet, even though we have been able to enjoy a few lovely days.

On Chichi Factory Rescue's side, Bob got neutered and his teeth cleaned, which didn't affect his habits, always ready to clown around! Bonnie feels now great with her eye completely healed.

Cookie, the last rescue, is starting to trust and enjoys the comfort of the house. As for the others, they have it easy!

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Puppy mills

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

Here is Chichi Factory Rescue's last recruit and not among the least ones... A Chihuahua completely terrified, with a heavy past behind him, though still very young. Removed from a puppy mill of Eastern Europe, he spent his life in a cage and was only used for breeding. Saved from this hell and brought into France by SOS Chihuahua (a French organization), he was so terrorized in his foster home that he was growling and tried to bite, staying hidden under a bed, no way to approach him. A dog behaviorist gave a quite pessimist prognosis as to his chances of progress. So we offered to help this organization, who was looking for a solution for him, and he joined our team. Since then, he has started to trust a little, but his progression will take time.

Puppy mills are crooked breeding facilities, where dogs are stocked in insalubrious kennels or pens, who are neglected and too often mistreated, who are only good for making puppies. They do not get any care, females generate pregnancy after pregnancy, even if they are not in good shape, without knowing anything else. Males, if they are not good studs, will regret not being productive enough... Then the puppies are sold over the internet or fraudulently transported to cities like Paris (if they don't die during the trip, stacked in cages, without any water and light), to end up in flashy window displays of animal shops, priced outrageously high! Behind all this masquerade, few people know the horrible fate of these dogs, hidden in the shade. Because the parents of these puppies, they stay in this hell until their last breath, in pain and misery.

If you buy a puppy, you contribute to this shameful traffic! So please, don't shop, adopt! You will save lives.

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Chichi Factory Rescue ~ October 2012

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

A month a little hectic with Bob's arrival, an 8-year-old Poodle extremely stressed out, saved from euthanasia. A good shave was more than necessary since he really looked like Bob Marley (hence his name). A few days for adjustment and he blended in the Chichi Factory Rescue pack, with a soft spot for Mamie Nova, who he likes to kiss.

Bonnie got spayed and the big wart on her eye removed. The waking up for this 10-year-old granny was a bit difficult, but she recovered very well.

Tania and Arnold got a new trim and showed off so that we could see how beautiful they were!

Maggie and Gutz did not worry too much, enjoying the rare sunny days we've had, feels like Winter is approaching fast in Normandy...

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Chichi Factory Rescue ~ August 2012

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

When you find a dog and know nothing about his/her past, you can only get surprises! With this August heat, the last rescue of Chichi Factory Rescue came into her own heat... A scar on her little belly made us think she was spayed and well, she was not, she probably had a C-section. Another little one who served to have puppies and did not even have the right to be spayed to avoid any problems... Fortunately she is safe with us, no stalker male around.

As for Arnold, in order to avoid him creating any problem, he was neutered and had his teeth cleaned as well as two warts on his face removed. So he inherited the satellite cone. A little bath was needed after the stitches were removed, in order to feel fresh and new!

Maggie, the Cavalier, keeps on performing like an acrobat and swirls in the yard, enjoying herself to the full.

Tania, our diabetic Bichon, after feeling a little down, felt much better once the dosage of her insulin injections has been revised.

And our Mamie Nova is seriously losing her hearing, which doesn't prevent her from hearing what she wants to hear ... An old little gal's strategy ??

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Chichi Factory Rescue ~ July 2012

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

While the old cat is taking it easy, SGV Photography takes pictures and takes care of the Chichi Factory Rescue's residents.

An hypothyroidic Poodle in a bad shape, maybe a Crested cross as he is mostly hairless... His treatment will tell if his hairs grow back... A Shih-tzu found in the streets, unable to walk because her hairs were severely tangled! She has apparently been carted several times in her life, a punctured eye, the other one damaged, a heavy past behind her.

Maggie, the abused Cavalier King Charles, got her teeth cleaned and a big cyst and small mammary tumor removed.

As for Tania, the diabetic Bichon abandoned when her owner passed away, she is up for adoption and feeling great!

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Support Chichi Factory Rescue!

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

I mentioned it before and now it's done: we created a dog rescue organization! Go check the website Chichi Factory Rescue, every picture is from SGV Photography !

The organization rescues mostly Chihuahuas and Chinese Cresteds retired form kennels, but also Cavaliers King Charles, Poodles and any tiny dog in need, giving priority to the old and damaged ones... An instructive and interactive blog hopes to sensitize people and thus saving lives. Be part of the chichi community, it's free! Share your experience and story, whether be into rescue or any other activity of the K9 world. Besides, your expertise would be precious to us and you could write articles on a given subject (health, training, behavior, etc.). Help us change mindsets!

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K9 rescue

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

SGV Photography will be more and more involved in dog rescue, hoping to sensitize people at large to the reality of abandonments, of abuse and neglect of some animals that sadly didn't ask for anything.

If most pet owners were being more responsible, not letting their animal down at the slightest difficulty, using lame excuses, and if some breeders were more scrupulous and less prone to putting icing on the cake at any cost, mating their females any time they get into heat and giving them as little care as possible (even not at all because it's more profitable), then selling the puppies to anyone willing to buy them, no matter where they end up, there would be less abandoned and needy animals...

Don't think it is a battle against breeders or a personal settling of scores, it's just a realization and the desire to try and change mentalities. There are still too many people who think that a dog bred by a kennel affiliated to any club is a proof of quality for sure, versus a dog gotten in a shelter is surely a crossbred and full of issues. Abandonments also include purebreds who simply didn't have luck in their lives and yes, crossbreds, but who are often sturdier and much more well-balanced than a so-called champion who develops severe defects because of inbreeding or lack of care and training. But here again, it's not about battling over a purebred or cross, but to make it so that none of them ends up in a shelter! The canine world is indeed quite complex...   


Stephanie Graf-Vocat

The SGV Photography crew has a new official member! A poor little Chihuahua who hasn't had much luck in his life so far... He was used as a breeding dog for a so-called breeder and hasn't been properly cared-for. We got him from an association in a deplorable state: recoved with fleas, scabs almost everywhere (fleas helped themselves), ear mites, rotten teeth (some missing, which is why his tongue is sticking out), not to mention a white veil on his eyes (ancient wounds or an inborn problem), a deformity of the jaw and vaccines given from time to time, not regularly (of course, vet bills can be expensive)... In short, absolutely revolting! How can someone use a small animal like that and jeopardize his life by neglect?! Shame on breeders who abuse from defenceless little beings and do not give them the proper care and a decent life. Thankfully there are still thoughtful people in this world and associations to help them being rescued.

Anyway, this little guy's ordeal is over and he is finally enjoying life like he should. His health issues are now just a bad memory and he's already looking much better.