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New pack member

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

It happened, although we did not see it coming… We helped a foster family who intended to adopt. He was a puppy mill rescue senior who needed rehab, scared of everything and everyone, of course not house trained or leash trained, they were really struggling. After a week with us, he started letting his guard down, although we knew the road was going to be long. We discovered he loved going to the dog parks and he started to trust us more. Our amazing pack was of course of great help!

After a few weeks, despite his progress, they realized it was a lot to handle and their schedule did not allow them to give him enough time to continue the training. So we kept fostering him. Then the organization decided he should go to a sanctuary, it lingered, and he was up for adoption again until they decided what to do with him… It had been two months, he had settled with us and frankly, we thought he deserved more than going from one place to another without ever feeling safety of a family. And well, there weren’t many people interested, being a senior with behavioral issues…

So we adopted him! He still needs time to be more balanced, but at least he feels at home. Funny fact is, he was amongst the very first dogs I photographed in the city!


Stephanie Graf-Vocat

After a much deserved break from rescue - although I still have a handful with our little pack - I finally decided to offer my help to rescue organizations in the big apple. For now, I’ll mostly take pictures to help the dogs and cats get adopted.

True North Rescue Mission is an organization who saves dogs coming from puppy mills for the most part, a mission close to my heart as I always focused on abused and neglected dogs, many seniors and special needs, coming from similar situations. These pictures were taken right when several dogs from Missouri arrived, still quite pertubed by this whole new adventure, yet not aware that heir future was gonna be much brighter.

Please take a look at their website and support them if you can, either by a donation or by responsibly adopting: www.truenorthrescue.org