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Stephanie Graf-Vocat

The SGV Photography crew has a new official member! A poor little Chihuahua who hasn't had much luck in his life so far... He was used as a breeding dog for a so-called breeder and hasn't been properly cared-for. We got him from an association in a deplorable state: recoved with fleas, scabs almost everywhere (fleas helped themselves), ear mites, rotten teeth (some missing, which is why his tongue is sticking out), not to mention a white veil on his eyes (ancient wounds or an inborn problem), a deformity of the jaw and vaccines given from time to time, not regularly (of course, vet bills can be expensive)... In short, absolutely revolting! How can someone use a small animal like that and jeopardize his life by neglect?! Shame on breeders who abuse from defenceless little beings and do not give them the proper care and a decent life. Thankfully there are still thoughtful people in this world and associations to help them being rescued.

Anyway, this little guy's ordeal is over and he is finally enjoying life like he should. His health issues are now just a bad memory and he's already looking much better.