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K9 rescue

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

SGV Photography will be more and more involved in dog rescue, hoping to sensitize people at large to the reality of abandonments, of abuse and neglect of some animals that sadly didn't ask for anything.

If most pet owners were being more responsible, not letting their animal down at the slightest difficulty, using lame excuses, and if some breeders were more scrupulous and less prone to putting icing on the cake at any cost, mating their females any time they get into heat and giving them as little care as possible (even not at all because it's more profitable), then selling the puppies to anyone willing to buy them, no matter where they end up, there would be less abandoned and needy animals...

Don't think it is a battle against breeders or a personal settling of scores, it's just a realization and the desire to try and change mentalities. There are still too many people who think that a dog bred by a kennel affiliated to any club is a proof of quality for sure, versus a dog gotten in a shelter is surely a crossbred and full of issues. Abandonments also include purebreds who simply didn't have luck in their lives and yes, crossbreds, but who are often sturdier and much more well-balanced than a so-called champion who develops severe defects because of inbreeding or lack of care and training. But here again, it's not about battling over a purebred or cross, but to make it so that none of them ends up in a shelter! The canine world is indeed quite complex...