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Chichi Factory Rescue ~ September 2012

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

Ahh, we love Fall with its beautiful light and mild temperatures... Chichi Factory Rescue's team knows how to enjoy it! We wander outdoors, hang around and when we head inside, well this lovely Norman countryside air makes us hungry, so we beg for food, as if we were starving, yeah for sure, really! Even though the wisest ones just wait. So when the message has been understood and we got a full bowl, we can finally rest, again...

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Little puppy will grow old

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

As a campaigner for the animal cause, SGV Photography adheres to the slogan "don't shop, adopt!". But still, many people prefer to buy a pet. If this is your case, at least be responsible. Please, do not buy over the internet. Look at registered breeders, discuss with them, go see the puppies on site as well as the parents of the puppies. Any good breeder will let you enter without any problem, will advise you, will have had the puppies vaccinated and microchipped before they sell them and stay available even after the sale.

And most of all, think about the responsibility of owning a puppy. You will have to train him/her, care for him/her, feed him/her. He/she will not stay tiny, he/she will grow, a lot for bigger breeds, he/she will need to exercise, etc. In order to become a happy and well-balanced dog, he/she counts on you. And for the whole duration of his/her life, which can go up to 15-20 years for smaller breeds! Too many dogs bear the brunt of irresponsible and/or ignorant people, finding temselves abandoned once grown up, or when they're declared too old, becoming much too cumbersome...

If you get a dog, it's for life, this is not some goods that you can give back once it's been used!

Thanks to the breeders of des plaines de Bierville for their trust and for letting me use the pictures of their dogs I had the pleasure to take.

An Interview

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

I've had the pleasure to be interviewed by Laura Benn, running the Pawsh Magazine. She wanted me to talk about my Fabulous Studio, so here is the interview (you can see it on Pawsh Magazine's blog):

Are you ready for a fabulous treat? Stephanie Graf-Vocat of Normandy, France runs a little home studio called ‘the fabulous studio’ where she photographs dogs and their personalities personified by clothes. Keep reading for insights into this clever photo project!

1) What was the inspiration for the ‘fabulous studio?’

I first did a personal project, as a commentary, about people choosing their dogs as accessories and matching them with their style. This was to mimic high fashion and, at times, superficiality. Then, because I think dogs are naturally fabulous, this inspired me to develop a “Fabulous studio”, where their personality is dressed up to match their human counterpart, but in a fun way.

2) What inspired the dog outfits and styles?
I thought about each dog’s personality and what style would best suit each of them. Then I chose colours and fabrics and tried my best to make it look fashionable.

3) What advice would you have for working with dogs in clothing?
Patience is the key! And treats, lots of treats. If it’s fun, they will gladly cooperate. All of my models are well trained, so it makes it way easier. The session should not be too long, because once they’re bored or have had enough, it’s over.

4) What new photo projects do you have coming up in 2013 — if you can share that?
I am currently working on “The 10 commandments of Chihuahuas” — hoping to make people realize they are not accessories, but little beings needing a lot of care, attention and good training, just like any other dog. And I just finished writing a book about dog rescue with many pictures; I’m hoping it will be published soon. I believe in trying to make people aware of dog abuse, the importance of spaying/neutering, buying vs. adopting, education, responsibility when owning a dog, etc.

5) What is your favourite thing about your work?
I have a passion for dogs and have learned so such from them, especially since being into rescue with our organization (Chichi Factory Rescue). Photographing them is a pure pleasure for me. I try to capture their essence and deliver moving pictures so that people realize that indeed, they are fabulous!

Chichi Factory Rescue ~ July 2012

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

While the old cat is taking it easy, SGV Photography takes pictures and takes care of the Chichi Factory Rescue's residents.

An hypothyroidic Poodle in a bad shape, maybe a Crested cross as he is mostly hairless... His treatment will tell if his hairs grow back... A Shih-tzu found in the streets, unable to walk because her hairs were severely tangled! She has apparently been carted several times in her life, a punctured eye, the other one damaged, a heavy past behind her.

Maggie, the abused Cavalier King Charles, got her teeth cleaned and a big cyst and small mammary tumor removed.

As for Tania, the diabetic Bichon abandoned when her owner passed away, she is up for adoption and feeling great!

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Support Chichi Factory Rescue!

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

I mentioned it before and now it's done: we created a dog rescue organization! Go check the website Chichi Factory Rescue, every picture is from SGV Photography !

The organization rescues mostly Chihuahuas and Chinese Cresteds retired form kennels, but also Cavaliers King Charles, Poodles and any tiny dog in need, giving priority to the old and damaged ones... An instructive and interactive blog hopes to sensitize people and thus saving lives. Be part of the chichi community, it's free! Share your experience and story, whether be into rescue or any other activity of the K9 world. Besides, your expertise would be precious to us and you could write articles on a given subject (health, training, behavior, etc.). Help us change mindsets!

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K9 rescue

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

SGV Photography will be more and more involved in dog rescue, hoping to sensitize people at large to the reality of abandonments, of abuse and neglect of some animals that sadly didn't ask for anything.

If most pet owners were being more responsible, not letting their animal down at the slightest difficulty, using lame excuses, and if some breeders were more scrupulous and less prone to putting icing on the cake at any cost, mating their females any time they get into heat and giving them as little care as possible (even not at all because it's more profitable), then selling the puppies to anyone willing to buy them, no matter where they end up, there would be less abandoned and needy animals...

Don't think it is a battle against breeders or a personal settling of scores, it's just a realization and the desire to try and change mentalities. There are still too many people who think that a dog bred by a kennel affiliated to any club is a proof of quality for sure, versus a dog gotten in a shelter is surely a crossbred and full of issues. Abandonments also include purebreds who simply didn't have luck in their lives and yes, crossbreds, but who are often sturdier and much more well-balanced than a so-called champion who develops severe defects because of inbreeding or lack of care and training. But here again, it's not about battling over a purebred or cross, but to make it so that none of them ends up in a shelter! The canine world is indeed quite complex...   

Posing is no fun

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

For the execution of a personal project, I severely tested the modeling skills of dogs that gave me mind-blowing pictures! Among outfit fittings, long moments of posing, the spot that made us all sweat, without mentioning the various noises and throwings of artifacts to catch their attention, this has been a journey rather delicate, but quite amusing... Well, maybe not for everyone...

I selected here the images that best represented their exasperation during the photo sessions, in order to salute their goodwill in spite of it all!

For those who may wonder, this was a personal project about dogs being fashion victims. In a society that pushes us to always consume more, can the relationship we have with our faithful friend also be a victim of this society? Can we go as far as taking our dog as an accessory? Can we choose to "wear" our dog like we choose to wear shoes, a tie, jewelry? The ultimate question could then be: should I get married or choose a less cumbersome accessory??