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The Chinese Crested, a breed apart

Stephanie Graf-Vocat

Because few people really know this unique breed, I wanted to pay a tribute to them.    Indeed, it is a breed worth knowing!

There are two varieties of Chinese Cresteds: the “naked” and the “Powderpuff”. Some naked can be very naked - with only a few amount of hair on their head - while others    can be more hairy (called “hairy hairless”), which can be almost covered with hair except their belly. Nevertheless, their coat is much less furry than the “Powderpuff”.     The “Powderpuff has a long and silky coat all over.

Some have heard of Chinese Cresteds by those who won the contest of the World’s ugliest dog... As for any breed, some have unfortunately paid the price for unscrupulous or ignorant breeders, trying to sell puppies from parents not suitable for breeding for the sake of money or vogue, which sometimes results in an appearance less than    aesthetic, but above all that can lead to serious consequences for the puppy’s health.    

The Chinese Crested is certainly a special breed, that I personally find beautiful    and gracious. Those who like the unusual are filled, this dog is really one-of-a-kind! But you have to be aware of the fact that people’s eyes can be cruel, some feeling the right to make an unpleasant comment on the sight of this little being that is far from the common canon of the good family dog... Unfortunately, some are still very much into clichés...

The Crested is a very intelligent dog - some even try to talk to you -, affectionate,    very sensitive - some cry real tears -, a real clown and acrobat (or even stuntman).    This dog is very close to its owner and attentive. The Powderpuff looks like a mini    Poodle with straight hair (or sometimes wavy); they are alike both temperamentally    and physically wise.

Just like the Poodle, the Crested doesn’t shed - sizeable fact for people with allergies     - and needs regular grooming, as its fur can grow very long and may tangle. The naked Crested’s skin needs proper care, that may be subject to pimples and is especially ensitive to the sun and to the cold when temperatures go down. A coat in winter or tee-shirt in summer is not superfluous in order to protect them. They are very    sensitive little beings!  

Their coat’s color can vary, all combinations are possible. You should know that    their fur’s color evolves from birth until they are grown up. A puppy can be born with a dark coat and end up almost white as an adult. A good breeder can however    guide you with their experience, as it is often possible to predict some pigmentation’s changes.

Their size ranges between 9 to 13 inches to the shoulder and rarely reaches 12 pounds.    

If you decide to go for this breed, please also look at shelters, where these dogs    greatly need to find a family that will take good care of them. They will be eternally    grateful, because they will give value to the second chance they are being given.    Remember that they do not always look their best in those cages, stressed out in this sad environment and careless. With patience and proper training, plus a little    grooming session, this rescued dog will be a dream pet.